July 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

The many words that are spoken
those empty meaningless promises
what is unchanged, remains broken
sunken faces, destroyed wishes.
One leader surpasses other
controlled media propaganda
wasted breath why bother
bullshit for the people to pander.
War -terrorism- religion
religion -terrorism -war
an army, a virus like legion
bringing misery mayhem to your door
Flux the continual state of change
Governments suppressing the population
do not leave it too long or it will be out of range
it is time for the peoples revolution.

Do is in the doing!!!!

June 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

Words a formation of letters, the completion of a sentence
Broken silence from the bellowing sounds of the spoken
Screams, the murmurs these noises of world resonance
The non descript figures, silent tears of the broken
The politicians, presidents and the news readers
A modern western population sit and talk “oh what to do”
High end propaganda thought provoking seeders
But at the end of the day it all comes back to

Crushing bands grip your insides, squeezing forever tightening
Thoughts fly off into the distance never to reappear
Wide open mouth gasps for air, it is somewhat frightening
No one whispers in your ear, now you feel fear
Fall to your knees searching for the words to pray
“Oh Jesus why me what have I done, what shall I do”
More words to fall on deaf ears just like hearsay
The answer lays within “do” this word is your clue

Look for long enough you will never miss a blink
Actions speak louder than words so stop the talk
You will never do if you spend too long to think
Stand up on two feet and begin the walk
Never dwell on the wrecks and ruins
Did, done “do” is the doing!!!!

Eight nails in my coffin

March 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

The clock ticks on eating away at time
Life flying on by, goodbye to another year
Put pen to paper and write this little rhyme
Luck runs out and people seem to disappear

Those kisses, feelings of love make you feel better
Silent thoughts of where did it go wrong
Those summer days that never last forever
Let’s change the record and play a different song

The truth get’s bent and hearts get broken
Never trust those you left behind from your past
Some words are said but not worth being spoken
Do not take it for granted as nothing ever last’s

All the good souls that are lost but never forgotten
Where did it all go in a blink of an eye
The fruits of life a bitter taste or just rotten
You can sit staring at the sky, you can sit and wonder why

Lost something inside me and no getting it back
Let them go no need to try again because it is gone
Seem to have lost my way, lost my footing on the track
Now I am gone this is the last line of this little song

Crystal Clear

February 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

When you have lost what you most cherish, it leaves a hole
if life seems somewhat cruel and unfair
Stand back take a look around, next to you stands your soul
breathe on in, imagine you do not really care
Do not waste words no one wants to hear
save your thoughts all will become crystal clear

Love is most brutal and sometimes full of many wrongs
You can see it, that’s right take a good long stare
Many inner doubts and a thousand songs
not appreciated, you will be when no longer there
No one to stand by your side never fear
dig deep, deep down all will become crystal clear

Only when you bleed do you feel the pain
yes you can live a life of hope
One blow after another no different just the same
stand up or slide down the slippery slope
Murmurs they whisper in your ear
the whitening light now it is all crystal clear


February 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

No woman for me to love
No woman to love me.
Not so great
Being single and free.

No words spoken
No soft lips to kiss.
In this solitary bliss.

Many a fish
In the sea.
Not from where I’m standing
Nothing there for me to see.

Forget what it is to be loved
A cold hand that does not fit the glove.
Love is a word I do not get to say
Love is something that will not come my way.

A loner I will stay
Today, tomorrow and everyday.
To meet a woman, not even a wife
Just somebody to share this life.

No woman for me to love
No woman to love me.
Love – well I guess I’ll never know
Maybe it is meant to be so.

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