Done and Dusted

August 25, 2016 § Leave a comment

Does every strong soul finally break beyond repair
To look into the faces of those who really do not care
To wake every day knowing no matter how hard you fight
The pain does not pass and the battle begins again
Warring against the thoughts in your head
You fear sleep and the dreams in bed
To ask yourself what the fuck did I do in life
To deserve this, it must have been bad for all the strife
When all that you possess, your positive energy is gone
The cuts bleed inside and you feel no longer so strong
Those who look at you who do not understand why
It is possible for you to be broken and cry
When your spirit is dead and all that remains in life is a hole
Your state of mind is completely shattered and out of control
All that you fought for in life means nothing any more
What self respect you had, left via the front door
For each and every sunrise you wake
The fight begins as you try not to break
For every mistake it seems you make the same error
Yet you love and you adore
When you feel that no love exists in your day
Can’t change that no matter what you try and say
At what stage do you just say no more and give up
Call it a day, call it done and leave the rut.
I am done, I am busted
Done and dusted.


No Worries

August 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

Pipe down pull up a seat sit down
Take a load of your mind
Smile don’t frown
Don’t rush forward just rewind
You played with fire
Got your fingers burned
Wound up so tight like a high wire
Another lesson not learned
Check out the way you chatter
Step outside look inside
Holding onto dreams about to shatter
Life can be just a rough ride
Slow it down whilst everything hurries
Sit on back breath in
no worries


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The sun will set and stars will shine
Your fears and dreams intertwine
If inner demons are fate
Be not afraid it is never too late
Life runs through my veins
Time will pass as space remains
I can take you anywhere
Somewhere surrounded by purified air
Waiting for tomorrows stars
Let me pull out the demons cleanse the scars
Hold you close and soothe the pain
The sun will rise again

Back To The Future

August 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

Take me back to the future
Restore my soul
Fill this empty dark hole
Take away this pain
Help me see again
Hold me close
Set my spirit on fire
Open me up wide open
Take a good look inside
Watch as I slowly bleed out
Only human no doubt
I’ve come so far
Yet so far to go
Now I want to go home
Just somewhere that’s home
Now take me back to the future
Back to the future

Strength Honour Respect Loyalty

August 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

Turn bitterness into energy
Make that energy your strength
Those who play games with you
Show them they have lost
Rid your life of those who hurt you
Save your words for those who listen
Words are nothing without action
Do what you say with conviction
Standby those who love you
Let go of those who do not
Have discipline have courage
Live the day as you plan to live the next

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