Boxed In

March 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

You have the mind to be whatever you want to be
You can look inside when inside is out, believe in what you see
You can do as you are told till the day you grow old
Then again you can be different and side step out of the fold
Pay your dues to those who say it is law that you do so
Work your fingers to the bone or turn around and say no
Sitting in the sun breathing in the clean air of the sea
Pondering the misconception that you are in fact free
You are nothing more that a robot in a systematic regime
This may have shattered some wonderful dreams
If you want to know what freedom truly is then look outside the box
It may be a bumpy ride or it may come as a shock
You will have to bend and break those rules, cut down those bars
Or you can follow the others like sheep in a million cars
There is nothing to fear as we are the majority population
Those who think they hold the power nothing but a pollution
Open your eyes before your life has drifted on by
Step through the door and wave goodbye………

Over and Out

September 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

A time will come when all that is you is done
A moment that everything that you are merges into one
Will you look back at what you have left behind
Knowing that in your heart you loved and that you was kind
That you cherished every moment without reserve
Treated every being with the respect that they deserve
Can you look into the eyes of the faces, be it your lover, family and friends
Knowing you gave them your all right down to the bitter ends
Can you cast away your shadow a shadow with no doubt
Then it is time, you are over and out


February 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

Take a breath deep and low
slightly close one eye
Pull back the string on the bow
let loose the arrow, let it fly
True and straight
send the message through the air
This time this special date
let someone know you care
I hope my message arrives on time
asking will you be mine
Take in the words of this little rhyme
Say yes and be my valentine


February 6, 2015 § Leave a comment

You can breathe it in or you can bleed it out
live in the light or in the shadow of doubt
You can bow down or stand up and fight
do it the wrong way or do it right
You can whisper or you can shout it loud
shrink back or stand up proud
You can take the easy road and fail
or take the hard way and prevail
You can shatter or suppress the pain
think twice or rewind and do it again
You can be hurt, bruised even cut
or be tough and just suck it up
You can be electric, negative and positive
able to take but also able to give
You can be confident or full of self doubt
you can breathe it in or you can bleed it out


February 6, 2015 § Leave a comment

I could write a thousand words mix them up to make a song
hide my feelings deep inside never to let them show
Never do or say anything to harm or treat you wrong
silence the words I wish to say just so you never know
Could take your hand, take a walk along the golden sand
stand watching the sun head toward the ground
Feel the warmth and energy from your hand
the faintest of whispers being the only sound

I could struggle to find the words I want to say
might find it hard to raise the slightest glimpse of a smile
Hide the thoughts, the fear of you ever going away
shed the tears that show I am strong yet fragile
Sliding feelings under cover like fingers in a glove
trying not to need or want you, somewhat difficult to do
Fighting the urge, the urge that is falling in love
cannot help how I feel because the one I love is you

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